Episode 228

Here Are 6 Questions I Often Get Asked by Experienced Professionals (Ep 228)

In this episode of The Job Hunting Podcast (#228), I answered six critical career-related questions that resonate with many professionals. As a career coach I, get asked similar questions by my clients, so I assume that many listeners may benefit from listening to this episode as they navigate the job market, apply for roles, and start making plans for their careers.

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Timestamps to guide your listening:

03:51 Question #1: What is your number one job seeking advice for a former executive age 52 running her own consulting boutique business for six years and looking at returning to the corporate world? 

07:50 Question #2: 

How do you go about cold calling companies you want to work for?  

13:47 Question #3:  How do you strategically select your network and how do you connect with them to sell them your pitch in order for them to help you find your next role?  

19:53 Question #4: What are the most common challenges when changing sectors? What are some of your top tips for dealing with these changes?   

24:53 Question #5: What recruitment companies are leading the market when it comes to generalist roles? 

26:42 Question #6: I'm struggling with key selection criteria. I have examples of my responses and the questions I receive. However, I don't think I am on the right track. I need your help to identify what I'm doing wrong in my approach. 

32:40 Wrapping Up and Resources for Your Job Hunting 

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Lear More About Renata's career coaching and courses

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