Episode 244

Stress Keeps You Unemployed (Ep 244)

Corporate stress is a pervasive issue in today's work environment, significantly impacting the physical and mental well-being of employees. Recent data highlights the severity of this problem, revealing alarming statistics that underscore the urgent need for effective stress management strategies in the workplace.

In this episode we discuss the complexities of corporate stress with Dr Randy Brazie, a board-certified psychiatrist, and Dr Geoffrey VanderPal, a seasoned business professor. Randy and Geoffrey's partnership began over a casual dinner conversation about three years ago. Geoffrey's curiosity about psychology and Randy's expertise in somatic experiencing led to an enlightening discussion on integrating these concepts into business leadership. This sparked the idea for their book, "The Steadfast Leader," which delves into applying psychological principles to enhance business decision-making and leadership.

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Timestamps to guide your listening:

  • 02:01 The Impact of Corporate Stress
  • 06:03 The Physical Toll of Stress
  • 08:45 Generational Shifts in Work Culture
  • 10:22 The Stress of Unemployment
  • 11:23 Neuroception and Survival Instincts
  • 16:49 Practical Tips for Managing Stress
  • 19:50 Preparing for Stressful Events
  • 24:07 Understanding Workplace Stress and Anxiety
  • 25:00 Simple Techniques to Manage Stress
  • 25:12 Ineffective Corporate Stress Solutions
  • 26:14 The Importance of Transparency in the Workplace
  • 27:51 Challenges in Leadership Styles
  • 29:12 The Science Behind Stress and Leadership
  • 31:33 Polyvagal Theory and Nonverbal Communication
  • 33:45 Managing Emotional and Social Quotients
  • 35:49 The Impact of Negative Conversations
  • 38:03 Self-Regulation and Self-Care Techniques
  • 40:23 Advice for Long-Term Job Seekers
  • 45:44 Corporate Training and Consulting Services
  • 49:00 Conclusion and Final Thoughts

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