Episode 204

How to Become a Gig Executive - with Werkling Founder, Michelle Fotheringham (Ep 204)

In this episode, our guest, Michelle Fotheringham, CEO and founder of Werkling, shares her insights and experiences in corporate roles, consulting, and as an on-demand talent. We explore how the gig economy is disrupting various industries and discuss the shift towards flexibility and outcome-based work preferences. Tune in as we delve into the challenges and opportunities that arise from this evolving landscape and discover the importance of community and belonging for freelance professionals.

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Timestamps to guide your listening:

  • 05:35 - Michelle Fotheringham's journey to HR.
  • 10:22 - Building business foundations during the Pandemic 2020.
  • 12:27 - Extensive interviews shaped the validation process.
  • 15:14 - Different segments in the contingent workforce.
  • 20:55 - Reimagining outsourcing and the gig economy.
  • 28:42 - Day rates vary by field and specialization.
  • 33:19 - Diversify income streams for financial security. 
  • 39:52 - Building reputation.
  • 42:25 - Michelle's final thoughts

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