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10. Your “Best of 2019 Day” holds the secret to your 2020 career planning

December 18, 2019

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Episode Notes: 

In this episode we go a bit "zen" in search for our "Best of 2019 Day". Then we look at how that Great Day holds the key to what we need to focus on in 2020. 

So, the Planning for 2020 begins! And it’s not just a new year, it’s a new decade! I’ve put 5 actions – or you can call them mindset shifts, strategies – into a webinar format, and I’ll be presenting it LIVE at 11am every day from Friday 20 December until Tuesday 24 December, AEST. I’ve called it RESET YOUR CAREER: THE 5 Actions You Can Take Now for Best Results In 2020.

I’d love if you could join me live! You can register here:

The Webinar focuses on 5 actions, and I left a 6th for us to unpack in this episode. So listen up, and I hope you enjoy a short and sweet podcast, while you wrap your Christmas presents, do your last-minute shopping, cook, or whatever you do that keeps you busy this time of year!


Links to references I made in this episode:

  • The Imagineering Story : a tv series/documentary and inside look into the Walt Disney Imagineering company.
  • Less, novel by Andrew Sean Greer


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