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2. The Reason why you may be struggling at job interviews

September 26, 2019

Hi, I’m Renata Bernarde and this is the Job Hunting Podcast, where I try to help you nail your next job and have the career you want.

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In this Episode I talk about the importance of practicing for interviews by going to interviews! Nothing beats the real deal when it comes to developing the expertise in nailing an interview situation. So, waiting to play your cards only when you find the perfect job is a risky move.

What you want is to have “built the interview muscle” and gain experience in being on the spot, talking about your skills, your experience, answering questions, etc. so that when the great opportunity or job comes your way, you are ready for it.

In sum, you may be struggling with interviews because quite frankly you don’t have experience in doing them. And therefore, your stress level is blocking your ability to shine.

Listeners will also learn that I have some bills to pay, but who doesn’t! All the bits and pieces are there, my friends, zero editing needed!

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