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9. What is a video interview like, and how to prepare for it?

December 12, 2019

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Episode Notes: 

This episode is an interview with Brooke Young. Brooke has over 25 years’ experience across higher education, management consulting and the not-for-profit sector, where she delivered a range of strategically focused projects in the areas of marketing, digital solutions, organisational redesign, managed services and graduate employment. Brooke has held senior executive roles at the University of Melbourne, Victoria University and at Monash College. She is currently the President of the Aussie Hands Foundation and an Affiliate at Mercer. 

We discuss video interviewing:

  • how different and how similar it is to traditional interviewing,
  • how to prepare for it,
  • what it looks in the back end for recruiters assessing candidates, and
  • what it means for the future of job hunting.


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