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54. The importance of staying healthy and positive while looking for a job - with wellbeing expert Susan Hunter

November 2, 2020

Losing your job and being between jobs for an extended period of time can be really tough; a mental and physical roller-coaster ride. Recruitment and selection is also a challenging process to go through. For those without a coach or a strong support system, it can be very lonely. There's also the potential for lack of structure and routine - which professionals in the corporate sector are so used to - making you feel without a roadmap to follow. And finally, success is unpredictable when applying for roles. It is rare for a professional between jobs not to experience a high degree of failure before getting a new role. And failure at this level is a new experience for many professionals.

This is an important episode to listen to as we reach the tail end of an unpredictable year. If you are currently unemployed, it's time to review your plans and set new goals. You can use my program Reset Your Career to help you with that. But first, listen to this episode, and make sure you are taking care of your well-being, sleep, and keeping a positive mindset.


About our guest, Susan Hunter:

Susan Hunter is a naturopath and well-being expert who works with individuals and organizations to optimize their physical and mental well-being. Susan runs a practice called Human 2.0, where she helps people optimize their bodies and improve their biology and psychology. She has developed a reputation for employing deep care, empathy, authenticity, and understanding of nutritional biochemistry to achieve transformative results. 

Susan has 15 years of clinical experience in nutrition and integrative functional medicine. She has a double degree qualification in naturopathy with a background in psychology. 



03:55 – Susan’s career story

07:29 – The importance of sleep 

10:39 – Importance of routine 

14:29 – Sleep epidemic

20:04 – Controlling the controllable

21:41 – How to cope with losing your job

27:30 – Activities that help your mental well being

29:42 – Dealing with long-term anxiety

32:19 – What is "manifesting"

37:09 – Susan’s morning routine


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Hello, I'm Renata Bernarde, the Host of The Job Hunting Podcast. I'm also an executive coach, job hunting expert, and career strategist. I teach corporate, non-profit, and public professionals the steps and frameworks to help them find great jobs, change, and advance their careers with confidence and less stress. 


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