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39. What leaders need to know: How to get business outcomes with diversity and inclusion - with D&I Expert Div Pillay

July 20, 2020

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Episode Show Notes 

Div Pillay is a South African Indian, now Australian, who thrived despite and because of, the segregation based on race during apartheid. She got active and entrepreneurial in the community, whilst working in corporate HR driving affirmative action.  Div describes herself as ‘inclusionist’, driving the inclusion agenda in Australia in a unique way. She believes inclusion is a capability that can be taught and it is a behaviour choice – people can consciously choose to be inclusive.

She is the CEO of D&I firm MindTribes and social enterprise Culturally Diverse Women and Workforces (as Co-Founder), the National Chair for D&I committee of the American Chamber of Commerce and is on the Board of STREAT focussing on youth homelessness 


The kind of change Div is driving for is tangible and measurable. Listen to this podcast so you can better understand the bottom-line value of D&I for businesses, and how you can adapt your career to embrace D&I.


Timestamps to guide your listening:

  • 7:50 - Div’s career journey, and what led her to be in Australia, and the CEO of a diversity and inclusion consulting firm.
  • 13:50 - What is affirmative action and how can it be effectively applied to recruitment and selection in 2020?
  • 15:58 - What is CALD and why is it important to have special programs and training for them and their managers? 
  • 26:06 - How would you explain it to people who are not within the parameters of the AA - and are looking for work? There is this feeling amongst unemployed professional males that they are being disadvantaged in the selection process. How do you address that sentiment?
  • 33:18 - Advice for CALD men and women going through recruitment and selection, and tips on how to position themselves for success.
  • 43:00 - What advice do you give leaders that are listening to better support diversity and inclusion in the workplace
  • 49:23 – Advice and recommendations for people who want to get into the career of working in diversity and inclusion.

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I hope you enjoy this chat with Div.


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