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38. A lesson in personal agility - with New World of Work Expert Marianne Roux

July 13, 2020

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Episode Show Notes 

A few weeks ago, Marianne Roux and I caught up for the second time for this podcast. The first time we spoke, in episode 25, it was when the COVID pandemic had just started, and we discussed how to help job hunters during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was a great opportunity for me to share with the listeners of The Job Hunting Podcast a great talk with somebody who is an expert in the New World of Work. Marianne has been preparing companies for disruption for a long time, so I knew she would be helpful to job hunters too! 

In this episode (38) we reviewed and revised what has been happening in the job market and the economy in the past months, how she feels her clients are responding to it, how we feel the world is adjusting to new ways of working and doing business. It was a good opportunity for both of us to catch up, and the podcast gives me a platform to share that conversation with you so that you can take away from it ideas and tips that may help you with your job hunting and career plans.

Marianne has 28 years’ global experience as a New World of Work Strategist, Professor of Practice in Executive and MBA Education, and an HR Executive. She currently runs Roux Consulting, a global consulting firm with 15 collaborators around the world. She advises, consults and facilitates training to organizations all over the world on how to deal with changes in the workforce that are to do with jobs of the future, artificial intelligence, and all of the changes in the industrial world that will affect the way that we work as teams, as corporations around the globe.  Marianne advises and helps organizations and their employees adjust to changes as they happen and prepare them for changes that are coming in the future. Little did we know that some of the changes that she has been forecasting and advising her clients would be knocking at our door much sooner than previously anticipated.

Timestamps to guide your listening:

  • 4:55   - Marianne shares what her observations are since the start of the pandemic until now.
  • 16:12 - What is personal agility
  • 21:17 - What does "becoming complex as a professional" mean
  • 25:47 - Developing a growth mindset
  • 30:57 - 2020 trends and beyond

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I hope you enjoy this chat with Marianne.

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