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25. The new world of work: How to pivot your career in a crisis - with Marianne Roux

April 8, 2020

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Episode Notes

For the past few weeks we have talked about how the covid-19 pandemic is affecting all areas of our lives, but especially our work. Living and working from home, market disruption, and government interventions are now the new normal, at least until we control the outbreak and most likely up to the point where we have wide distribution of an effective vaccine.

With that said, our world has changed. So, how is our new world of work going to look like? What challenges and opportunities will it present us? On Friday the 27th of March 2020 I spoke to Marianne Roux, who has over 25 years’ experience as a New World of Work Strategist. Marianne helps leaders and HR executives understand how to adapt their organisations to the new world of work, by training their leaders and teams, and transforming their businesses. She is a regular keynote speaker, author, business school lecturer, and also works pro-bono on developing women's entrepreneurial skills and alleviating poverty and trauma. Her work takes her to all corners of the Earth, including countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. She is highly regarded as an expert in her field and is called upon to support large multinational organisations, governments and nonprofits in adjusting their business models, culture and workforce to be more future-oriented and entrepreneurial.


In this episode, Marianne helps us understand how to thrive during crisis, and how to pivot and develop your career to adjust to new ways of working and living. 

Key advice from Marianne to thrive under crisis - be it COVID-19 or any other you may encounter in the future:

  • For a week or two, take time to get through the shock and the grief.
  • Sort out an area at home to be your home office, and make it a friendly and happy place.
  • Have a work day every day, give yourself a job title, continue learning and continue to network and connect with others.
  • Schedule activities in your day to help keep you spirits up, like execising and volunterring.
  • You are not on holiday: You're employing yourself into a job and you've got to keep that mindset.

Marianne's foresight to help you plan for the next stages of your career:

  • The new world of work will most definetely include all things digital: from data analytics and design thinking, there are a lot of free courses and public content you can access, so use this opportunity to update your skills.
  • If data is not your thing, focus on relationships: health care, aged care and other sectors will required relationship management skills. 
  • Entrepreneurial skills are very important, especially in developing countries: use your youth and get them involved in your business idea. They understand digital and can help you build your success. 
  • Advice for career hunters in developed countries: There are oppportunities in entrepreneurship, innovation and in how business and government work together. These are the areas that needs much improvement.


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