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136 - Simple ideas to help you prepare for online job interviews - with Abhishek Kaushik.

May 30, 2022

Abhishek Kaushik is the CEO & Co-Founder of WeCP, a one-of-a-kind tech screening platform that helps recruiters and hiring managers to evaluate developers faster and more efficiently.

Abhishek aims to make the hiring process straightforward and efficient by adding a skill test to the tech recruitment process. Abhishek has reduced the total time to hire for most of their clients by 90% or more by implementing these ideas. 

In this episode, we chat with Abhishek about:

  • The Future of Tech Recruitment: If you have been job hunting recently, you know that you cannot avoid technology anymore in the recruitment process. At every executive and professional level, it's all-encompassing.
  • How you can use "First Principles" and creative thinking to help you prepare for job interviews and help solve work problems.
  • What the future will look like for recruitment and selection of candidates. 

About our guest

In 2015, Abhishek and his co-founder wanted to test an idea that emerged from a random Chai chat in a college cafeteria. They created their first screening platform as the nerds they were, obsessed over coding challenges. By 2018, they had honed in on their product — an award-winning library of questions, compilers, and the ability to hire at scale attracted enterprise names. 

Skip forward to today, and WeCP stands as a one-of-its-kind tech screening platform helping recruiters and hiring managers worldwide evaluate developers faster and with utmost efficiency. WeCP has been recognized as the "Top 4 Startup in India" by Startup Nexus, IC^2 in 2017, "Emerging Startups" by K-Startup World Grand Challenge in 2018, and "Top SaaS Startups" by Upekkha Catalyst- in 2019. WeCP is the Momentum Leader and Top Performer in the Technical Skills Screening Software category on G2.

You can connect with Abhishek:

Links mentioned in this episode:


  • Abhi's career story
  • Abhi's 3 Ps strategy to start a business
  • Simple Idea Number 1: Creative thinking
  • Simple Idea Number 2: First Principles
  • Abhi's tips for professionals to be better colleagues in a digital work environment
  • Final reflections.

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