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129. What is ATS tracking and how it works: Learn how to make it to the candidate shortlist - with Michael Yinger.

April 11, 2022

Michael Yingers’s career in supporting the needs of the recruitment and selection function parallels the creation and evolution of the ATS - Applicant Tracking System. So of course, Michael is an amazing repository of knowledge of all things relating to the automation of recruitment and selection of candidates, and in fact both the technological and humanistic side of the entire recruitment and selection process.

If you are interested to know what happens to your job application once you submit it, you have to listen to this episode! Michael explains how resumes are short-listed automatically, as well as how the automation is actually put in place by humans making decisions about specific keywords which may or may not be on your application.

Michael details the things that will compromise your job application being read properly by a machine, making this episode one of the most important conversations I’ve had in a long time for those who are serious about converting from job application to interview.

The message from Michael is clear: If your resume is not written for ATS compliance, you run the risk of it being eliminated from the recruitment process.

As we discussed at the end of this episode, there’s no need for professionals to re-invent the wheel. That is why I created Reset Your Career. It’s a program that is ready for you to use, and has templates and resources to help you update your resume and start your job search with confidence. Click here to learn more and access it now.

About Michael Yinger

Michael Yinger is the COO and Co-Founder of ResumeSieve, Inc., a SaaS startup focused on improving the productivity of the recruitment process, starting with evaluating and ranking resumes.  Mike has been in the global talent acquisition space for 20 years, working in client delivery, sales, product management, technology, strategy, and implementation.  His key focus is using process and technology to improve recruiting for the candidates, the hiring managers, and the recruiting team.  He can be reached on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook and via email at

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[03:20] The story behind The Job Hunting Podcast

[05:54] Michael’s career story and the story of the Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

[08:11] Types of clients that use ATS systems.

[13:39] Michael explains the recruitment and selection funnel

[15:50] Comparing the recruitment and selection done by humans vs bots

[18:50] What ATS does to your application

[19:40] Michael’s recommendations for job candidates on how to comply with ATS

[25:45] How should we use keywords in our resume.

[26:09] It’s possible to cheat your way to the short-list, but that will not you get the job

[30:29] It's important to break out what you're actual doing, instead of a job title.

[36:00] Distinguishing yourself into a new industry.

[45:00] The difference between the podcast content and my coaching content

[45:25] Why the Reset Your Career program may be the right investment for you.

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