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127. The new corporate dress code: What to wear to work and job interviews - with Silvana Patrick.

March 28, 2022

Dressing for work post-lockdown is a challenge. There's a lack of motivation and a struggle to get dressed up to go back into the office. People are struggling with changing fashion trends, new office dress codes, and knowing what to dress to work from home. So, I invited an international award-winning personal stylist, Silvana Patrick, for a chat.

Silvana Patrick has the advantage of working globally as an executive before embracing her love for fashion and styling. She knows how corporate attire plays into forming a professional brand and how important it can be in career development, job search specifically.

I always ask my guests to start by telling us a bit about their careers, and it's always great to hear about career changes. Silvana has made two important ones at the beginning, and when she noticed the wind as in her favor later on.

She then explains in a very inclusive and understanding way the importance of caring and dressing for your body shape, not following fashion trends that are not suitable to you, and embracing how you want to dress.

So let's hear my conversation with Silvana, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

About Silvana Patrick

Silvana Patrick is an international, award-winning personal stylist and brand expert whose work translates into powerful results with her clients. Having worked in several countries, she brings a vast understanding and experience in optimizing ones' image in the corporate and professional environment. Silvana uses the power of style to transform our perception of self and others, leaving her client feeling more confident and increasing their presence and impact in all aspects of their professional roles. She is a keynote presenter for several leading organizations and is part of the career and professional development initiatives at the University of Adelaide and Flinders University. Want to connect with Silvana? Then, check her Instagram, YouTube, or you can buy her book here.  


[00:37] What's the issue with dressing for work?

[02:21] Today's guest is Silvana Patrick.

[04:17] Silvana's career path.

[07:39] The one piece of clothing that elevates a look.

[08:33] Silvana styles women and men all over the world.

[09:58] The different standards for dressing in other countries.

[11:36] The importance of dressing correctly in the office.

[14:13] The trend styles we're looking at.

[17:26] How to dress for zoom interviews and back to the office.

[20:10] Dressing is about knowing where you are and what you want to represent.

[25:56] Advice for 30-year-olds, trying to climb the latter.

[28:06] Suggestions of great places to shop.

[30:42] Dressing if you've gained weight or are on a weight loss journey.

[33:07] Advice for older women who want to elevate their style.

[34:00] Dressing for your body type is the most important.

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