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12. Two unexpected ways to boost your recruitment prospects and career advancement on a budget.

January 1, 2020

During the month of January 2020,  I’m sharing with my social media followers 31 daily actions to reset your career. These are small but very effective steps you can take to advance your career prospects this year. I already shared 2 actions, one yesterday, on the first day of the year, and one today. And we will go on, one day at a time, until the end of January.

This will be fun! And also easy, actionable, simple and the way I like things, that is, step by step. If you want to follow the 31 Days of Actions to Reset Your Career, follow me on Facebook or Instagram.

We will discuss in more detail the 2 actions for day 1 and day 2 on this podcast. In the next episode I will give more details and ideas on the next 7 days of actions coming up. 

My hope is that these ideas and step by step support helps you elevate your game, and keep motivated and energized as you pursue your career goals. I also want to promote the fact that it's the simple and easy to action steps that will make the biggest impact on your career prospects. 


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Photo by Joanna Kosinska, Unsplash

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