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101. What an executive resume should look like.

September 27, 2021

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As you may have heard before, there's a Harvard research that states your resume has only about 6 seconds to make a positive impression on the recruiter. That is if it's been read by a human! With the advent of ATS systems, what should an executive resume look like? Listen and find out!

Episode Timestamps:

  • 04:21 - Let's talk about resumes
  • 05:33 - What is an ATS system?
  • 10:37 - Which resume template is the best?
  • 13:48 - Can my resume be colorful?
  • 14:58 - How many pages should my resume have?
  • 15:46 - The difference between Resume and CV
  • 17:00 - Should my resume have a headline?
  • 18:41 - How do I show proof of my expertise in the resume?
  • 20:42 - Should my resume have logos?
  • 22:17 - Can I do my resume using Canva?
  • 23:07 - What if I'm not good at writing?
  • 24:24 - Should I get my resume done by a professional?

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